With Tumblr, you can quickly create blog posts, upload images and post links to share with your friends within the Tumblr network. We fully support scheduling content to Tumblr and in this article we will review several scheduling options that are available with your Social Report account.

Click here on how to connect your Tumblr profile to Social Report.

Types of posts you can publish on Tumblr:

1. Article Post

Features a text and a link preview with a large image. User clicks on the link to be taken to the shared article.

2. Image Post

When a user clicks on the image, an enlarged image will open up directly on Tumblr.

You can also post up to 5 images in a single post:

NOTE: Publishing GIFs will automatically be converted into an image.

3. Text Post

Note that there is a 5000-character limit when publishing a text post.

4. Video Post

You may either upload the video (10MB upload limit per file) or upload your file using Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive. Click here for more information on connecting external media folders to Social Report.

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