Pinterest has become one of the most popular social network as its growth and acceptance among users has been simply spectacular. With nearly 100 million users it is a must have for any organization. Our publishing tools now allow you to publish to your Pinterest boards just like you are able to publish to your Twitter profile or a Facebook page. You can take advantage of all the features that our publisher offers like conversion tracking, branding all shared links, bulk uploads, syndication of RSS feeds, etc, etc - just like you can for all other platforms.

Connecting Your Pinterest Profile

1. Click Connect Profile > Pinterest

2. Login to Pinterest and click Okay to connect.

3. Once connected, the profile should appear from the list of networks when composing a message. When you select Pinterest, you have the option to select which board it belongs to:

Click here to learn more about Pinterest publishing.

Note to users that have already connected their Pinterest profiles: Please reconnect them by clicking on Add Account. This will re-establish the connection between our system and your Pinterest profile and this new connection is what is going to allow us to offer you publishing.

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