Our platform receives data from Social Networks by communicating with their API (application programming interface). This enable the communication between our platform and their social networks.

You may come across this message with your profiles:


Access Token Expiration

Some networks, like Facebook and LinkedIn, force the connection (the token) to expire after a specific time. This means that after that time, you need to reconnect your profile in order to use it with Social Report.

  • LinkedIn: Requires reconnection every 60 days due to their own security enforcement
  • Facebook: May require reconnection every 60 days for some profiles due to their security enforcement.


App Deleted

Another example of why your social profile might have expired access could be because a user of that profile deleted Social Report from their Facebook settings.


What This means

We want to make sure you understand that an expired account does not mean that we lose all the data from the account.

We simply won't be able to track that profile going forward, or publish to it, unless you take action to fix it.


LinkedIn's connection (that token we spoke about) expires within 60 days of connecting the profile. 

Once the 60 days are up, you can reconnect the profile by simply heading to Connect Profiles, and sign in using LinkedIn.


Technically speaking, Facebook's connection is supposed to expire at 60 days as well, however they don't enforce this 100% of the time, so it is less likely you'll need to reconnect your Facebook pages or profiles.

If you have expired access of a Facebook page, group or profile, you can reconnect using the same steps above.

Note: If a social profile keeps expiring soon after reconnecting, get in touch with our support team.

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