We are super excited to introduce a powerful Smart Inbox solution, reimagined to make it easier for you to effortlessly manage your social messages — no matter the size of your team.
Smart Inbox is built around two ideas. First, visibility into your message volume and activity enables you to more effectively and efficiently communicate with your customers. Second, you need tools that enable you to not only be more effective and organized today, but that are flexible enough to support your social strategy as it evolves.

Handle every type of message. As you go through your Inbox you will find different options depending on the type of the event and the type of social network. In this example, we are looking at the Facebook comment and have options to Reply, Like, Translate, Delete, assign it as a Task to another team member or mark it complete.

Marking Complete

When you mark an item in your inbox 'Complete' - this effectively flags it as such in the system and it will not show up in your list of messages. This allows you to quickly go through all messages and keep you inbox nice and tidy! Note that if you ever need to look at complete options you can always uncheck 'Hide Completed Items'

Read vs. Unread

As soon as you click on an item in your inbox - it will be marked as read. You will find a little blue indicator on the right hand side of the message that indicates if you have looked at the message. You can also hide all read items by clicking on 'Hide Read Items'

Assigning Tasks

When browsing your inbox you can click on the 'Task' button to assign this item to another team member. When you are assigning a task you can:

  • Categorize the task as General Task, Sales Lead or Support Issue

- Indicate if this is a high priority task
- Specify a team member who this task is assigned to
- Include a message
- Send the assignee an email notification
- Mark the original item in the inbox complete (this keeps in the inbox cleaner).

Managing Tasks

You can easily manage any tasks assigned to you or to anyone else on your team. You can:

  • See your tasks or tasks assigned to other users 
  • Filter to only high priority items 
  • Filter based on type of task 
  • You can also comment on each task 
  • You can also close out the task by clicking on 'Complete Task' button!

Granting Access to Tasks

Note every team member should have access to tasks. You can easily control this as a project level user permissions!

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