Social Report's Instagram Report offers quick insights into how well your Instagram profiles are performing.

  • Overall trends: media reach, impressions, comments, likes, followers
  • Overall activity and engagement distribution by type
  • Tops posts and users
  • Overall world distribution
  • Media distribution by day and hour

Here's an example of an Instagram analytics via Social Report:

Instagram Stats Summary:

Instagram Activity Timeline:

Activity And Engagement Distribution By Type:

Activity Distribution By Day:

Top Posts By Number Of Comments And Likes:

Audience World Distribution:

Most Comments:

Daily Number Of Comments On Your Media:

Top Users By Number Of Times They Commented On Your Media:

Top Posts by Number of Comments:

Instagram Comments:

Media Stats:

Daily Number Of Uploaded Media:

Video Views:

Top Keywords Used Within Your Media:

Top Filter Effects Used By Your Media:

Media Types And Engagement Distribution:

Media Distribution By Day And Hour:

Daily Number Of Users That Follow Your Profiles Or Have Tagged Your Locations:

Audience Follower Distribution:

Most Influential and Most Active Users :

Daily Number Of Users That Started To Follow Your Profiles Or Tagged Your Locations:

Daily Number Of Users That Stopped Following Your Profiles Or Tagged Your Locations:

Audience World Distribution:

Daily Number Of People That Your Accounts Follow:

Audience Following Distribution:

List of Following Users:

Daily Number Of New People You Started To Follow:

Daily Number Of People You Stopped Following:

Likes Stats:

Daily Number Of Likes:

Average Number Of Likes Per Media:

Top Posts By Number Of Likes:

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