If you're working in a team, you can give your team members access to projects you create.

You can also grant your clients access to the projects associated with their brand.

You'll have plenty of control over which projects and what level of access each user will have.


To Start

Click on your project name on the top left of your dashboard and select Project Users:

On the top right of your Project Users page, click New User to start on-boarding your team members or client:

When creating the new user, you'll first insert the basic info such as their name, email, and a temporary password for them.

You can also choose whether or not to send them a welcome email letting them know they've been granted access.


The permissions section allows you to limit the user's access to one or more of the projects you've created, as well as set the level of access they'll have to the project features. 

This can be very useful if you'd like to set-up an intern to schedule content that requires your approval, or give clients limited access to only the inbox and analytics.

We have a more in depth look at permissions that you can check out.


You can also create administrators within your account, which is different than a user. 

Admins don't have access to schedule posts, set up search agents, etc., however, they can log in to manage your subscription, billing information, white label settings as well as other permissions that are granted.

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