Social Report and ZenDesk have joined forces to create happier customers! With this integration, you and your team will be able to easily turn social messages into support tickets, then manage them through to resolution from the ZenDesk stream. Here's what you need to do to integrate ZenDesk with Social Report.

Connecting ZenDesk and Social Report

Step 1: To connect your ZenDesk and Social Report accounts you can go to Project > Settings and click on ZenDesk tab:

Step 2: You can then click on "Connect ZenDesk" button

Please follow "Learn more" link to find your API Token (this article tells you where to find it). You can then enter primary email on your ZenDesk account and your account domain.

Step 2: Once your ZenDesk is connected you should see a screen that looks like this:

You see all users of your ZenDesk account, their email and their role. You also have access to some connectivity information, ability to disconnect the profile and ability to test connection to ZenDesk.

Using the ZenDesk Integration

Once your ZenDesk is connected, you are ready to start sending your tasks to your ZenDesk account.

Please note the "Send to ZenDesk" option when creating a new task. Also note that we have matched your project users with your ZenDesk users (using their email). This shows you if a particular user will be able to see this task in ZenDesk.

Once a task is created, you will see that tasks that are linked to ZenDesk tickets are labeled as such:

This same task now exists as a ticket in ZenDesk:

Important Features and Pointers

  1. Note that project name in which this ticket was created is seen in Tags
  2. Any comment added to a ticket in ZenDesk will be automatically seen in Social Report tasks
  3. Any comment added to task in Social Report will also be visible in ZenDesk
  4. If you 'solve' the ticket is ZenDesk, it will be marked complete in Social Report
  5. If you mark the task complete in Social Report, it will be marked 'Solved' in ZenDesk

*This integration is currently only available to Social Report users on plans that include the Smart Inbox (Advanced and Pro plans)

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