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As an official Instagram Marketing Partner, Social Report has been granted early beta access to Instagram new direct Publishing features. For years, Instagram remained the only platform that did not allow tools like Social Report to publish directly.

As a result we had developed other options like mobile app notifications, sms and email. These days are finally over. You can now schedule directly to Instagram—just like you can to all other platforms.


Steps in this article:

  1. Convert your Instagram to Business Profile
  2. Connect (or reconnect) Instagram profile to Social Report
  3. Troubleshooting


Convert your Instagram to Business Profile

To be able to schedule posts to Instagram directly you will need to make sure that your Instagram Profile is an Instagram Business Profile. Converting to a business profile is simple, free and there are lots of good reasons for it. We explained this process in this article.

Here's a quick video:

  • Head to the Settings screen for the Instagram profile you'll be converting & on the Account page select Switch or Sign Up for Business Profile.
  • Tap continue until you've reached the end of the tour. 
  • Choose the Facebook page to associate with this Instagram Business Profile.

Important: The Facebook profile used to convert the Instagram profile to a Business profile must have admin rights to the Facebook page used. Having Editor, moderator, or any other permission other than Admin will NOT work.

  • Review your business's contact information and make any changes needed,             than tap Done.


2. Connect (or reconnect) Instagram profile to Social Report

Once you've converted your Instagram from Personal to Business, you need to connect it to Social Report by clicking the (+) sign on the upper right part of the page and re-authenticate the profile. (If you have it already connected, you will need to reconnect it.)

You'll know that everything is setup correctly if your Instagram profile says 'Instagram Business' and 'Yes' for publishing.

Note: Any user with an Instagram Personal Profile or those who have not followed the reconnection instructions will still have ability to schedule using mobile/sms/email.



If you are not seeing your Instagram Business Profile on the list, or are seeing "via Mobile" for publishing to Instagram instead of "Yes", please follow the steps outlined here.

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