This article will help you get your white-label dashboard set up for your brand.

We'll review how to:

  1. Set up your domain or sub-domain
  2. Add your custom shortner domain
  3. Upload your Logo & Favicon
  4. Change Support & other links
  5. Set Default Language
  6. Add custom CSS and Javascript

Before we get started, note that any white-label changes are done via your white-label settings at "My Account > White-label > Change"

Important: Whenever you make a change - make sure to log out and log back in to see the changes take effect. Restarting the browser is also important

Upload Your Logo & Favicon

This is where you can upload your logo to customize the dashboard and all PDF reports with your branding. You can also upload your favicon, the small graphic displayed on browser tabs.

Recommended dimensions:

  • Logo: 341 x 43
  • Favicon: 32 x 32


Change Support & Other Links

Customize the links where your users will be directed to:

  • When user clicks "signup" on the login screen
  • Where user is redirected after logging out
  • Where user is redirected after clicking on your logo
  • Link to your support page
  • Link to your FAQs


Set Default Language

If the users in your white-label dashboard will, for the most part, be using it in a different language, you can customize which language can be set as default.

For a list of our supported languages, click here.


Add Custom CSS and Javascript

This gives you an option to fully customize your dashboard's colors and even further by introducing and removing functionality.


Common Issues

  • I've setup my domain but it redirects to an IP address. Most likely you have setup a CNAME on your domain name instead of an A record.
  • My logo does not show up. Check if your domain name matches what you have entered in the white label settings
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