In this section, you’ll learn how to connect your social media accounts to Social Report. 

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What are Projects?

Projects are the very first thing you create in your Social Report account. So what are they?  They represent a brand or business location. In a nutshell, projects are like folders. Profiles (social media accounts) you connect are placed inside that project.

 Only profiles for that specific brand or business location should be connected to that project.

Here are a few examples from our users:

Small Business: If you are a small business, you might have a single business location. After creating a project for your business, you may want to create separate projects to monitor and track your competitors.

Multi-Location Businesses or Franchises:  Multi Location Businesses may have separate social media profiles for each of their locations. In this case, you’ll want to make sure you create a separate project for each business location. Separating each business location or franchise into their own project is best if reports are needed at the individual location level.

Agencies: Managing social media on behalf of your clients means you are managing other brands and businesses. You may be managing social media for single location clients or multi location clients. You should create 1 project per client for a single business location or brand.  


Creating your First Project

When you login for the first time, you will be prompted to create your first project. Enter a project name, select your timezone, and click Get Started.

Project Name: Give your project a name. This should be the name of the brand, but can be anything that helps you identify which project you're currently working on.

Time Zone: Projects can be set-up to have different time-zones. This is especially helpful if a client you're on-boarding is in a different time-zone than you.


Connecting your Social Media Profiles

1. To connect a profile, click Connect your first social media profile from the center of your projects dashboard, or navigate to the upper right corner, and click Connect Profiles

2. Choose the Social Network you want to connect to. You will be prompted to log in to your selected  network, followed by the permission page

3. After you connect a profile, you will be taken to the Connected Profiles page, which shows all profiles connected to a project.


Failing to accept any permission will result in Social Report being unable to post content you schedule, generate reports, or engage with your audience


Common Questions

Is it safe to link my network accounts with Social Report?

Absolutely. By adding a new account you are giving Social Report; permission to link with your selected network(s). The information you have chosen to share will be analyzed by Social Report with the sole purpose to provide you with detailed reports and trends of your linked network(s) activities. This data is never shared with a 3rd party or viewed by anyone else but the account owner. We do allow for the reports to be downloaded or e-mailed. It is up to you to select these options and share with others. Social Report respects your privacy and safety at all times.

You may also take a look at our Terms of Service; and Privacy Policy

As always, we are more than happy to go over any concerns or questions that you may have, please feel free to contact us directly with your inquiry Contact Us!


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