Attached devices are devices running our iOS or Android app that are connected to your account. This allows you to receive notifications from Social Report when it's time to post scheduled content to Instagram Profiles (legacy option) or Facebook Personal Profiles.

There are several ways you can post to Instagram using Social Report: You can do direct publishing if you are on a business profile, or via iOS & Android App, email notification, or SMS notification if you have a personal profile. When you install our app on a mobile device, you will see it connected under Attached Devices.

To find the connected devices head to My Account

Under Attached Devices, you will see all the smartphones that you have the Social Report app installed on and connected.

This section will help you distinguish between devices. It can be especially helpful when you have multiple team members who will be posting to Instagram.

Important Things to Note:

  • Type & Model: Helps you distinguish if the device is an iOS or Android device as well as the specific model of the attached device.
  • Status: This is where you can choose whether you want other users in your projects to be able to see the devices you've connected as an option when publishing to Instagram. You can change it, by pressing Change, to make it available only to you, which means you'll be the only user who will see your device on the list of available devices when posting. This can help prevent users from accidentally choosing your device when posting to Instagram. 


Where to Choose Which Device to Use

When you compose a message within Social Report to be published to an Instagram Profile or a Facebook Profile, you'll get a drop down where you'll need to select how Social Report will send the attached image and message to be posted.

It is in this drop down where you will see a list of your connected devices. If you've verified a phone to receive SMS, you'll see it here as well as your email address. You'll select a device from the list to receive the content to be published to Instagram. 

For more information for about publishing to Instagram with Social Report click here.

In the screenshot above, there is a list of the connected devices. In this case, there is an iPhone as well as an Android device.

Connecting Devices

You can connect multiple devices by simply downloading the iOS& Android App and heading to Settings > Register Device. 


Disconnecting Devices

You can also disconnect a device if you no longer intend to use it with Social Report, by simply clicking Disconnect on the Attached Devices section of My Account. 

If you'd like to reconnect the device, you can do so on our mobile App by going to Settings > Register Device

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