Need to know if all your social media efforts are meeting the business objectives? A lot of people utilize Google Analytics—especially for tracking social media campaigns—but they fail to follow through after the implementation. Goals are one of the things that you can easily set up and surely provide tremendous value to your social media reports.

In this article, we'll quickly run you through why you should be using Google Analytics, setting goals for your website, and how Social Report's Goals Report for Google Analytics can help you better achieve your objectives. Let's get into it.

What Is Google Analytics?

Whether you're managing a website for a small business, several businesses or an enterprise, Google Analytics can help you find out how your website is performing. This powerful platform, which is the industry standard for web analytics, provides you with a suite the tools you need to measure and track site traffic, conversions, and ad performance—ultimately enabling you to understand how people use your website.

What Are Goals? 

Goals measure how well your site meets your target objectives. They help us determine the success of our business by providing information on a completed activity, such as conversions. Having goals helps us gain insight into how well our site is performing and ultimately evaluate the effectiveness of our online business and marketing campaigns.

Here are three types of goals that you should keep in mind when it comes to your website's performance:

  1. URL Destination Goals - a visit to an actual web page
  2. Time on Site Goals - a defined timeframe of desired site activity
  3. Pages per Visit Goals - a defined number of page views desired during visit

Google Analytics Goals in Social Report

Social Report has included Goals in Channel Report so you no longer need to log into your Google Analytics account separately to view how your objectives are coming along! To view the report, just go to Reports > Channels > Google Analytics > Goals.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Setting Goals

1. What exactly are my business objectives?

2. How can these objectives translate into concrete goals on my website?

3. Is my website designed in such a way that these goals are clear?

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