Social Report's Twitter Report offers quick insights into how well your Twitter profiles are performing.

  • Overall trends: followers, following, tweeting, mentions, retweets, etc
  • Overall tweet activity across twitter profiles you are tracking
  • Activity and Engagement distribution + some interesting facts.
  • Your Tweet reach as compared to your followers. Days when you reach more people then you follow.
  • Top languages spoken and timezones of your followers
  • Topics of discussion and followers gender.
  • World distribution of your followers.

Here's an example of a Twitter analytics via Social Report:Twitter Stats Summary:

Overall Twitter Activity Timeline:

Activity and Engagement Distribution By Type:

Number of Twitter Users Reached:

Top Followers:

Followers World Distribution:

Follower Growth:

Follower Distribution By Timezone (Relative To GMT):

Follower Distribution By Language Spoken:

Audience Follower Distribution:

Most Engaged, Active and Influential Followers:

Number Of Users that Stopped Following Your Profiles:

Timeline Of Twitter Users That Your Twitter Profiles Follow:

Lists Historical Timeline:

Twitter Activity By Day Of The Week:

Twitter Activity Hour of the Day:

Most Frequently Used Hashtags and Most Mentioned Users:

Effect Of Using Hashtags And Mentions In Statuses:

Most Engaged Users:

Your daily tweet activity:

Daily mentions of you:

Daily retweets of my posts:

Daily retweets by me:

Daily received direct messages:

 Daily Favorites:

Daily Quotes:


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