Tracking keywords and hashtags with Social Report is easy when using Search Agents.

Creating a New Search Agent

To get started, head to Search Agents > New Search.

You'll be presented with a few options when creating this new search:

  • Give search a name
  • Choose whether to search everywhere (all publicly accessible networks) or only within your own networks connected to your Social Report account. You can also search within a specific RSS feed
  • Enter the keywords, hashtags or handles you'd like to search for

Other advanced options include: 

  • Exclude keywords from your search with negative keywords
  • Restrict results by location. (Keep in mind not all posts from networks are geo-tagged, so using this option will greatly reduce the number of results).

Once you're happy with this hashtag search, click Save and you're done!
Check back on the search you created in a few minutes to see the results!

Note: In order to get results from a network you need to have a profile from that network connected to your project. This is because we use your account's permissions in order to search on your behalf.

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