Learn how to easily pause, delete or merge a content group in Social Report!

1. Go to Publishing > All Content Groups
2. Select the Content Group
3. Under Settings, select Pause, Merge or Delete.

Pausing a Content Group:

Once a content group is paused, a notification will show up on the page with an option to activate it.

Note that you can still schedule posts to a Paused content group. Once reactivated, any scheduled posts up to a day before the reactivation date will be published.

Deleting a Content Group:

Once you select Delete, you will be prompted if you also want to delete previously published posts from this group. Any scheduled posts will be automatically deleted.

Merging a Content Group:

Once you select Merge, the list of other content groups will be displayed for you to select. Select a group that you want to merge into and click Confirm and Save.

Note that you cannot undo once the two content groups are merged.

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