We're excited to announce that as of this morning, we've introduced a new and improved post scheduler for LinkedIn.

Awesome! What Do I Need to Do to Begin Taking Advantage of It?

To take advantage, simply reconnect your LinkedIn pages to your Social Report account. Don't worry about having to reconnect your profiles or groups—we've already got that taken care of. 

What Exactly Does This New Feature Allow Me to Do?

After you've reconnected your LinkedIn pages to your Social Report account, you'll be able to post with our new scheduler—which now allows for all of the below:

  • Single-image posting
  • Multiple-image posting
  • Emoji-supported posts
  • Increased-accuracy article sharing
  • Posting to LinkedIn profiles, pages and groups 

 That's it! If you need any help with learning how to post to LinkedIn, check out our quick guide on scheduling content to LinkedIn

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