Social ROI is a dollar value, the earnings, that were produced from social marketing initiatives. Social Report offers you a very simple way of tracking it - track conversions and multiply number of conversions by the value of a conversion.

Let's say you are a business that sells products online. Social Report offers you a way of tracking how many social interactions actual lead to sales on your website. Once you check out the process - we are sure you'll see that this setup can easily work for any business that tracks conversion online

Getting this setup is quite simple:

1) Publish using Social Report. Learn more about publishing tools

2) Install a provided conversion script. This script is located within your account (under any content group). This script can go on a 'Thank you' page - the page that users sees after they purchase something from you.

3) We will do the rest - we will now deliver you the reporting on how many clicks your posts received (initial interactions) - users clicking on links inside of your social media posts and we will also tell you how many of these users ended up becoming your customers.  

Keep in mind: Conversions don't just have to be sales. You can track free trial signups, form submissions & even bookings by simply placing the script on the appropriate page.

We've put together this short video that shows how this works:

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