Connecting your Facebook Group to Social Report is a bit different than connecting your Personal Profile or Page.

Facebook now requires you to add an app in your group's settings in order for us to have access for publishing and reporting.

Start at Your Group's Settings

Log into Facebook and navigate to the groups page

Find your Facebook group, click the Settings icon to the right of the page title, and click Edit Group Settings

Look half-way down the page and click Add Apps

Search for "Social Connector"

Click Add to grant  access to your Facebook Group

Now you're ready to start connecting your Facebook Group to Social Report!

Connect Your Group to Social Report

On your Project dashboard, click the (+) sign on the upper right hand of the page to Connect Profiles

Select Facebook (Profiles, Pages, Groups)

Login to your Facebook account, if you are not already.

Note: The next few steps are extremely important. If you do not accept every permission as is, you will run into problems with scheduling posts & generating reports.

Click Continue.

Click OK to allow Social Report to post for you.

Lastly, click OK to allow Social Report to manage your Pages and Groups.

From here, you'll be able to select which Pages and Groups you want to connect to your Social Report project.

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