You're attempting to connect your Instagram Business profile but notice it's not showing up on the list of profiles to connect. What do you do to fix this?

This article will focus on the two main reasons why this issue occurs.

  1. Facebook permissions were not fully accepted
  2. Conversion to Business Profile was not done correctly

We recommend starting with #1 as it's less intrusive. If that doesn't fix it, #2 will.


1. Facebook Permissions Not Accepted As Presented

When connecting an Instagram Business Profile or a Facebook Page to Social Report for the first time, you are presented with several permissions.

These permissions are all needed so that we can access your profiles/pages for reporting and scheduling.

If, during your original connection process, you declined or even slightly modified (choose what you allow) any of the permissions, Social Report will not have the access we need which causes this issue.

How can I check if the permissions are correct?

1. Head over to your Facebook Personal Profile settings

2. Click on the Business Integrations tab, then click "view and edit" on the Social Connector app

3. If any of the sections have items that are not checked off, then the permissions were not accepted as needed and we'll need to reset them to try again 

Note: Even if you check them off now and click Save, due to an issue with Facebook it won't actually save. You will need to reset permissions with the steps below.

Ok, my permissions are wrong. How do I reset them & try again?

1. In the same Business Integrations page, click on Social Connector and select Remove

2. Head back to Social Report. Click Connect Profiles & Select Instagram Business Profile

3. Make sure you are clicking Continue and Allow for every permission. Do not decline or modify any of the permissions or the issue will continue.

You're all set, you should now see all the Instagram Business Profiles associated with the Pages you're an admin of

Keep in mind that since you have reset the Facebook permissions, you may need to reconnect all of your Facebook pages across your projects if your Facebook Page posts begin to fail.


2. Conversion To Business Profile Not Done Correctly

If the Facebook permissions were not the cause of your Business Profiles not showing up on the list, then the conversion to a Business Profile in itself was not done correctly.

Note: The following steps must be done using the Instagram app on your phone.

Before starting this step, note that any insights or metrics from Instagram
may be wiped completely. If there is data you need, make sure you export it first using "Data Download" in the IG App Settings.

Reconverting to Business Profile

1. Go to your mobile device, login to this Instagram profile and convert it back to personal.

2. Once again on your mobile device convert Instagram to business once more. Make sure you are selecting the correct Facebook page for that brand. Do not click skip as this may create a brand new Facebook page for it.

You're all set. From here you should go back to Social Report. Click on Connect Profiles, select Instagram Business Profiles and your newly converted profile should appear on the list: 

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