You may have recently scheduled a video post to Instagram and got an error message: "Instagram video uploads are taking too long" or that "media cannot be accessed"

As you may be aware, Instagram is relatively new to the game when it comes to allowing third party tools—like Social Report—to schedule posts directly.

Direct posting videos is an even newer feature.

So What? Why does this happen?

Instagram's (really Facebook's) API is still in Beta. It's a closed access that's only given to a handful of partners like us. And like most features in Beta, it has some bugs.

Facebook's API, which allows Instagram to Direct Post videos, is still being worked and tweaked on by Facebook's team—so you may notice this issue every now and than.

Some Good News!

The great news is that Social Report will automatically retry publishing your video post up to 15 times. If you notice the error, don't panic, we'll keep retrying and you'll see your video published soon!

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