You may find yourself looking at reports and seeing different data then what you see on the native platforms. We'll explore the reasons this may be the case.

Profile(s) Recently Connected

If you've only recently connected a social profile to Social Report for the first time, you'll notice it's status showing Initializing...

Newly connected profiles may need up to 48 hours for us to download and analyze it's historical data before you see data shown in your reports. Please allow this time before attempting to run reports.


Reporting range includes last 72 hours

The data we receive from each network takes time to become available. Most networks have at 72 hour delay before we have that day's data available.

We do not recommend using the last 72 hours in the date range used to generate reports.


Wrong date range used for comparison

It is important, when comparing Social Report's data to a native network's data, to ensure you're using the same date range within Social Report as you are in that native network's report.


If none of these are the case, please contact our support team for assistance.

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