Modifying the image that is published with the link you're sharing is a unique feature to Social Report.

Original link details

You'll find that native networks will not allow you to customize the image, title, and description of links you're sharing.

Customized link details

So, if you've customized the link preview image, title or description, but it did not get published with the changes you made - what happened?

Link Shortening Disabled

Most likely, you have disabled our built in link shortener. We rely on our shortener ( to be able to customize and modify the links you're posting.

Here is how you can check if it has been disabled:

At the Project Level:

If you've disabled link  shortening at the project level, you can turn that back on by heading to your Project Settings page:

From there, you'll want to click Modify Project Settings and switch it back to System Defauly (

At the Post Level:

When scheduling a post, you'll want to make sure you leave the link shortening settings just the way they are: 

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