Managing social media for a multi-location organization is easy with Social Report.

It's important to understand how you should organize your franchises or business locations into Projects. This will ensure you're set up for success in managing social media effectively.


Franchise Projects

Separating each business location or franchise into their own project is best if:

  • Reports are needed at the individual location level
  • Location specific user access is needed

We always recommend using an appropriate naming convention for projects, as the project name is shown on PDF reports.

Franchise, Region and Brand Projects

Having a separate project for each location, one for each region, and a larger project to contain every profile across all locations is best if:

  • Reports are needed for each location, region and the brand as a whole
  • User access need to be given to users at the location, region, and corporate level
  • Occasional social posts will be scheduled to all locations at once
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