Link Frames are an awesome way to keep your audience engaged even when sharing links to sites that are not your own!

You may have created a Link Frame, added it to a post, but realized the link frame is not working with that link. Why?

Why Link Frames May Not Be Working

Link Shortening Disabled

If you've turned off link shortening in your project's settings or post settings, we will not be able to add the link frame.

This is because we rely on our built in link shortener to be able to do this 😃

Website Blocks iFrames

Some websites block iFrames and we rely on the ability to iFrame links to add our Link Frame. 

If the website you're sharing blocks iFrames, we won't be able to add Link Frames to those links.

You can check if the link your sharing has an iFrame blocking script by using this third party iFrame checker.

If the link you are checking on results in a blank box, after clicking step 2 Check frame killer script, it means the website you're sharing blocks iFrames.

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