You're trying to schedule posts to your Instagram Business Profile but the posts have been failing

Whether this is the first time you've had this issue, or it's been happening for a few posts, this guide will show you how to fix it.

Why this happens

First, it's important to understand how an Instagram Business Profile is created. 

Business Profiles have the "Business" status because they are converted using a Facebook Page.

Simply put, you connect to Social Report using your Personal Facebook Profile, then you give us access to both the Facebook Page & the Instagram Business Profile it's related to.

By understanding the relationship between Instagram & Facebook, you'll understand the causes:

  • The Facebook Personal Profile used to connect this Instagram Business Profileis no longer an Admin of the Facebook Page associated with it.
  • The Facebook Page associated with this Instagram Business Profile was used to convert another Instagram Profile.
  • The Instagram Business Profile has been disconnected from the Facebook Page it was originally converted with.
  • The Instagram Business Profile was converted to a Business Profile using a Facebook Personal Profile that is NOT a direct admin to that Facebook Page.(Business Manager admin, not directly a Facebook Page admin).

Please note that if you are granted admin access to the Facebook Page used in converting that Instagram to a Business Profile within the Facebook Business Manager, you will need to be added as a direct admin on that Facebook Page. 

Facebook's team has made it clear that admins from the Business Manager will not have the necessarily permissions to be able to schedule posts, get reporting or manage the IG Business Profile from third party apps. You MUST be added as an admin directly on the Facebook Page.

The Fix

The first thing you should always try is to reconnect your profile. Make sure you are not deleting it from your project, as you will lose your data.

That didn't work?

Than you'll want to follow these next steps:

Note: The following steps must be done using the Instagram app on your phone. Before starting this step, note that any insights or metrics from Instagram may be wiped completely. If there is data you need, make sure you export it first using "Data Download" in the IG App Settings.

Reconverting to Business Profile

1. Go to your mobile device, login to this Instagram profile and convert it back to a personal profile.

2. Still on your mobile device, immediately convert Instagram back to a business profile once more. Make sure you are selecting the correct Facebook page for that brand.

Do not click skip as this may create a brand new Facebook page for it.

You're all set.

From here you should go back to your project and reconnect your profile.

You can test out that it's fixed by publishing a new post in your project.

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