If you're looking to automate the process of creating projects and setting up restrictions based on the plans you've customized for your clients, check our this guide.

Note: Having a thorough understanding of how Social Report's web app works is recommended before starting a journey with our API. Make sure to book a walk-through to understand projects, profiles, users and our features.

Create Projects

To create projects, you'll want to check out our projectCreate page.

Modify Projects

Whether you want to restrict the number of profiles a project can hold, or turn off certain features, you'll want to check out our projectModify page.

Create Users

Once you have your projects set up, you'll want to create users to represent your clients.

Check out our API documentation on Creating Users.

Add Users to Projects

After your clients are added as users, you'll need to add them to the projects that they belong to.

Check out our API documentation on Adding Users to Projects

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