Scheduling posts to Pinterest with Social Report is an easy process.

Select an image. Select a board. Done ✅

What about scheduling article posts with a visit link?

This process is a bit different, since Pinterest doesn't play well with link shortening.
In this article, we'll show you how with just a few more steps.


Creating an Article Post with Visit Link

In order to have a Visit link, we'll need to disable link shortening.

Let's start by creating our pin!

Once you've got your message and link in the post, click the Just use an image button.

We'll swap out that image with one of our own

Now that the post is built, let's head to the Advanced Options

Click Next until you reach step 4.

Select Disable automatic link shortening and continue with scheduling your post

That's it!

The post will have a visit link when published to your Pinterest board 🎉

Keep in mind that since we're disabling the shortener, features like Link Frames and Click Tracking won't work.

What if I Want Link Shortening?

Leaving link shortening turned on (which is the default) will make it so the image will not direct to your link: 

This is because Pinterest does not like link shorteners (any of them - including our 

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