Note: This feature is available on the Pro Plan.

Want to create post templates for your organization to use in their projects?
Looking to schedule posts across multiple projects at the same time?

Our Content Library can help you do all that + more!

Content Library's Main Features:

  • Create libraries of content available to many projects
  • Schedule posts across multiple projects
  • Analyze utilization of content across projects

Who Can Benefit From the Content Library:

  • Organizations wanting to create "approved" content templates to be used by their users across projects
  • Agencies wanting to schedule posts for many clients at the same time
  • Re-sellers creating On-Demand content to be used by all of their clients

Navigating to the Content Library

Head over to your Global tools, where you'll find the Content Library admin page.

Your project users will see any created Content Library posts within their Project's Content Library page

Next Steps

Learn how to create Content Library categories

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