On August 23rd at 2:45 pm PDT, Facebook and Instagram notified us that they paused both of our integrations. This resulted in both an inability to schedule posts on the platforms and caused historical posts using our platform to appear missing. They have not provided a reason as to why this has occurred, as of yet, and we have been working diligently since receiving the notification to get an explanation and rectify the situation. Hopefully, you received our immediate in-app message, and we wanted to send another update. We understand the importance of your social content and are committed to doing everything we can to restore both the functionality and your data.

Social Report has been a Verified Marketing Partner with Facebook and Instagram since the inception of the program and we are working directly with them to understand the issue. We remain committed to being in compliance with all of Facebook and Instagram's policies and terms of service, as we have since our founding.

We’ve been in contact with several representatives at Facebook, escalating this to the highest levels. While we have been assured that we will receive an update today, we were hoping to have this fixed by now.

Social Report’s entire business is built around social media, so this is absolutely devastating to us. We share the same concerns as our customer base and are working incredibly hard to get the same resolutions and answers you expect from us. We sincerely apologize for the issues and frustration this has caused and are confident that we will be able to resolve this and restore your content.

Our support team is working hard to support you while we look for more answers and will be available over the weekend until this is resolved. For immediate updates as we receive them, subscribe to our status page at https://socialreport.statuspage.io/.

Steve Reardon

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