Once your project is created, it's time to start adding social media profiles. We support quite a few social networks, you can find the full list here: Supported Networks & Features.

  1. Click "Connect Profiles"
  2. Select from which Network
  3. Login & authorize
  4. Select the profile


Start Connecting

To start connecting social profiles to your project, head to the "+"  sign on the top right of your dashboard.

It'll read "Connect Profiles" once you hover over it with your mouse.

Select Which Network You'd like to Connect Your Profile From

From the list of supported networks, select one you'd like to connect.

Login & Authorize

Make sure to accept and approve all permissions. Failing to accept any permission will result in Social Report being unable to post content you schedule, generate reports & allow you to engage with your audience from the Inbox.

Select the Profile

From here, you'll be able to select which Profiles, Pages, Groups or related accounts you'd want to connect to your project.

Once you've successfully connected your social profiles to your project, you are ready to start adding users to your project.

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