Projects represent a business, a customer, a marketing initiative, or perhaps a social ecosystem. Once you have a project you can connect all social profiles that belong to that project, add users that need to have access to it, run reports and schedule publications

In this article, you'll learn how to setup your first project as well as where to go to create more.

Creating Your First Project

After signing up, you'll be able to create your first project. This project can represent your business or brand - or it can represent one of the brands you'll be managing on behalf of a client.

To get started:

  • Give your project a name. This should be the name of the brand, but can be anything that helps you identify which project you're currently working on.
  • Set up a time-zone. Projects can be set-up to have different time-zones. This is especially helpful if a client you're on-boarding as s project user is in a different time-zone than you.

Once you create your first project, you'll be sent to it's dashboard. From here, you're ready to connect the profiles associated with that brand, add some users & start scheduling, generating reports, engaging with their audience and creating social listening campaigns.

Creating Additional Projects

After creating your first project, you may want to create additional projects to represent the other brands you'll be managing, or if you'd like to setup a project for competitor analysis.

On the top left of your dashboard, you'll see the name of the project you're currently in. You'll see a list of any other projects you have access to as well.

To create a new project, click "Add New Project"

Once you have your projects created, you'll be ready to move onto the next step of connecting profiles.

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