Facebook going through lot of changes over the last few months. As Facebook Marketing Partner we've been working closely with Facebook to ensure smooth sailing for our customers with respect to new features and new requirements.

Facebook is continuing to reinforce their system with better controls to ensure that apps don't take advantage of Facebook and its users. It goes without saying that as Facebook Marketing Partner, we have been throughly reviewed and will continue to maintain all requirements permissions which in turn will enable our customers to get the most out of Facebook (including direct posting to Instagram, Marketing tools and many others).

One of these steps is Facebook has been reviewing all apps to ensure that each app is operated by a legitimate business and for a legitimate purpose. The way they approach this process by revoking permission for apps that they don't consider trustworthy and by creation new permissions that they award to trusted apps.

As an additional level of control facebook has created a new permission that they have awarded to their partner apps called "Business Management". This permission enables Social Report to access your Facebook Business account. Specifically information on your Instagram Business Account.

This permission however requires you to reconnect your Facebook page to your Social Report project. It is quite simple and only takes a few clicks:

1) Login to your Social Report account and click "+" icon located in the top right corner of your dashboard

2) Pick Facebook and click Continue

3) You will be presented with a new permission consent request. Simply click OK and you will be taken back to Social Report. That's all you have to do

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