A Posting Schedule is a feature where you can add certain time slots for the day on when you'd like your content to be scheduled. It saves you a lot of time because you are basically throwing your content into the queue and it will automatically be scheduled on the next available time slot indicated in your schedule. It is a unique and awesome feature Social Report offers to ensure your social networks always have a full pipeline of content scheduled to post!

Here's how to create a posting schedule for your project:

1. Go to Publishing > Posting Schedules.

2. Click Create New.

Note that you can create multiple posting schedules with Social Report.

3. Add timeslots per day.

The timeslots indicate that Social Report will be posting your content on these slots if you select Add to Queue when scheduling content. If you are not sure of the best times to post, you can go to Reports > Cross-Channel > Optimization to see engagement and activity on your social networks by day and time.

4. Schedule a post and select Add to Queue.

Now that you have your posting schedule set up, when you are scheduling posts, click Add to Queue and Social Report will automatically assign that post to the next open time slot on your posting schedule.

You can also select Advanced Options and choose Add to Queue on the next page to see the next available timeslot your post will be published. If you have multiple posting schedules created and you want switch it to a different posting schedule, simply click Change:

Evergreen content is another great way to ensure your posting schedule is always full. Click here to learn more about it.

Here is a short video on the scheduling queue as well:

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